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Our Mission

The therapists and staff of Cumberland Valley Counseling Associates (CVCA) are committed to maintaining high standards of professional conduct that promote and protect the dignity of each person we encounter in our practice. We work to uphold the values of integrity, responsibility and accountability in our personal and professional lives.

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Our philosophy

Unwavering Trust

Trust between the client and therapist is the heart of effective therapy. We work to earn that trust by taking the time to understand concerns from the client's perspective, using a collaborative approach to goal setting and intervention planning.

Reliable Counsel

Our experienced therapists have the skills to address a wide variety of concerns and participate in continuing education to stay informed about the most contemporary therapeutic approaches. We have been honored to serve the mental health needs of the Cumberland Valley for more than ten years.

Genuine Relationships

We have a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the quality of our relationships with our clients. We work to create an safe atmosphere where the mask of pretending can be set aside, where tears are as welcome as laughter, a place from which wholeness and health can emerge.

Our care team

Lisa Barnes, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Judith DeRicco, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Matthew Glinn, JD, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jennifer Guise, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Mary Jo Hardick, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Wendy Wood, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Amy Harlacher, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Gene Galbraith, MS Licensed Psychologist

Linda Chalk, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Robert Weaver, MS, MAR, MA Licensed Professional Counselor

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