About Us

We are a team of mental health professionals working together to improve the quality of life in our community one life at a time.

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At Cumberland Valley Counseling we work to maintain a caring, positive and safe environment for all persons.We recognize and respect the courage it takes to reach out and seek help. We attend to the unique concerns and needs of each client, tailoring approaches to optimize positive growth and change.



The therapists and staff of CVCA recognize both personally and professionally that a strong and vibrant community contributes to the well-being of all of its members. As residents of the surrounding community we participate in and contribute to the community through a variety of roles in social, recreational, educational and faith-based institutions. We believe that community participation helps us to maintain a well-rounded perspective within our own lives which enhances our work with our clients.

Our care team

Lisa Barnes, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Judith DeRicco, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Matthew Glinn, JD, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jennifer Guise, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Mary Jo Hardick, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Wendy Wood, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Amy Harlacher, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Gene Galbraith, MS Licensed Psychologist

Linda Chalk, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Robert Weaver, MS, MAR, MA Licensed Professional Counselor