Rosemary Via Licensed Professional Counselor

Rosemary “Rosie” Via is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC in Pennsylvania), National Certified Counselor (NCC), Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Provider (BC-TMH), Master Life Coach, and Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator for pre-marital & couples counseling. She has years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial business as well as further training in counseling Christians, coping with divorce, dealing with verbal and emotional abuse, time management, anger management, managing loneliness, and implementing cognitive behavioral strategies for depression and anxiety.

Rosie has a heart for people and is passionate about helping others breathe life into their relationships with themselves, God, and others! She uses her energy, experience, education, and love to propel clients to live passionately, authentically, and free from mental and spiritual obstacles. She is personally engaged in each client’s personal progress towards becoming their best selves and living in meaningful community.

Rosie brings years of varied business and counseling experiences into her practice with clients. Her formal education began with a Bachelor’s in accounting followed by a Master of Arts in Business Management. In her early years, she worked in public accounting, large corporations, and small business. In the entrepreneurial spirit, she and her former business partner catapulted a small start-up from a “one man” operation into a successful, million dollar, “Big 50” award-winning remodeling firm within a five-year period. Rosie later transitioned into the behavioral health and human relations field earning a Master of Science in pastoral counseling from Loyola University, Maryland. She served on staff and as a lay leader in churches, as executive director of an international non-profit organization, and as part of a small-group practice diagnosing and treating mental health issues. Rosie noticed that many mental health clients improved to the point of not meeting “medical necessity” for third-party payment, but continued to benefit from support through coaching, so this service was later added.

Rosie is a member of the National Board for Certified Counselors and the American Counseling Association as well as her local church. She a part of Shasta Nelson’s Friendship Circles pioneer program and committed to being part of the solution to the world-wide epidemic of loneliness.

Rosie has travelled throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe and has a great appreciation for different cultures. She receives daily strength and encouragement through her faith and from her husband. They have two daughters and one grandchild. In addition to family and traveling, Rosie enjoys gardening, all kinds of exercise (really!), reading, snuggling with her cat, listening to podcasts, and relaxing at home doing absolutely nothing! She believes that most people, including herself, can benefit from regular consumption of chocolate with almonds (for the protein, of course).

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