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Once you contact our office and speak to one of our staff, a therapist will be suggested based on your concerns as well as your insurance. You can also request a specific therapist if there is one you already have in mind. The therapist you will be working with will then contact you. The therapist will ask about your concerns, schedule your first appointment and provide information about what paperwork needs to be completed.

The initial appointment is dedicated to hearing your concerns, needs, and relevant personal history. You and your therapist will discuss the changes you would like to see in your life as well as how therapy can be a place that empowers you to get there.The process is collaborative, with the therapist and client working together to establish and meet the client’s goals. The number and frequency of appointments will be discussed and agreed upon as they relate to the your identified needs and goals as well as what approaches the therapist will be using as you work together.

Therapy is a place where you can expect to be heard, respected and supported through the process of learning to respond to challenges in new and more effective ways. It is a place where isolation, pain and frustration can be reworked and transformed over time into connection, hope, and possibility. A place where the experience of positive change can restore the confidence to meet and effectively navigate through the full range of life’s experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept my health insurance?

Our therapists are providers for most major insurance companies as well as a number of employee assistance programs (EAP’S). Our office staff will work with you to help you understand your benefits.

Where is your office?

We are conveniently located on Walnut Bottom Road in Carlisle near the UPMC Pinnacle Carlisle Regional Hospital. You will find directions as well as a photo of our office on the “Contact Us” page.

Will I be able to speak to someone when I call?

Our office is staffed Monday through Friday and our staff answers calls as they come in. If they are assisting another person you can leave a message and they will make every effort return your call promptly.

How long is a typical appointment?

A typical appointment is between 45 and 60 minutes.


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